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Larry Allen Larry Allen is founder of Enterprise Power; a unique consulting and development firm. His consulting and development experience focuses organizations to capitalize on their latent growth potential to gain immediate results improvement and sustain long-term profitable workplace and marketplace advantage.

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Your ‘enterprise-power’ “Status-quo Not and Option [Never Has Been — Not Now — Never Will Be]”. The seminar content and your performance were well received by our management and claims administration staff. You showed us ways to lead ourselves and others to bring about positive behavior change and improve results as an individual and as an organization.

Sally Henning
PRC Inc.

Your ‘enterprise-power’ “Leadership Development Workshop [The Real Leadership Challenge — Getting and Maintaining Peak Performance]”. Great information not only for the organization but for everyday life. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated the program a nine (9) and Larry’s performance a ten (10).

Jeri Reffitt
Vice President

Your ‘enterprise-power’ “Mastering the Art of Personal and Organizational Planning Workshop” provided lots of good personal and organizational Leadership improvement ideas and great interaction with and among students!

The workbooks are very good, but not as important as applying the knowledge in the workshop classes; then applying notes taken during class — personally and in the workplace.

Your coaching effectiveness made a big impact on us. You were in sync with the direction of the discussion and augmented material with reinforcing ideas and actual experiences.

It was the right amount of talk between all of us and without disrupting the program.

Tom Kolp, Founder & President
Kolp Real Estate

Your ‘enterprise-power’Leadership Development Workshop”. A great thought process. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated the program a nine (9) and Larry’s performance a nine (9).

M.A. Horner, Treasurer

Your ‘enterprise-power’Leadership Development Workshop
On a scale from 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated both the program and Larry’s performance a seven (7).

PT, Regent

Your ‘enterprise-power’Leadership Development Workshop”.
Instructive, informative and thought provoking. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated the program a ten (10) and the presenter Larry’s performance an eight (8).

N Lewis, Regent

Your ‘enterprise-power’Leadership Development Workshop”.
Very knowledgeable and well prepared. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated the program a nine (9) and Larry’s performance a nine (9).

Carol Olson, Vice President


Your ‘enterprise-power’Leadership Development Workshop”.
Excellent presentation. I appreciated the real life stories that illustrated the points and brought them home. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated the program a 10 and Larry’s performance a ten (10).

Pat Hall, Regent

Your ‘enterprise-power’Leadership Development Workshop”.
On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being high, I rated the program a nine (9) and Larry’s performance a ten (10).

Jenny Jones, Regent

Hello Larry,
Your ‘enterprise-power’ “Leadership Development Presentation” to Women’s Network this morning was very motivational as well as informative.  We are blessed as a group to have you share your wealth of worldly knowledge.  I am sure it was appreciated that you catered you "growth Model" specifically to our groups needs.  I can feel the passion you have for the kids you work with in your leadership programs.  How cool is that to make a difference the way you do!!!!! 

With gratitude, 
Kathleen Sherman, Owner
Healing Touch


Your experience resulting from turning over problem solving and decision making to paid plumbing experts while ignoring our own intuition and expert capabilities was an important lesson to share with us. Thank you, you reminded us that we should trust our first instincts.

Tina, Business Owner

The numerous Project Rebuild students that I talked with told me how much they got out of the work you and Tarek did to develop their leadership abilities and the impact on their achieving immediate positive results for their real life situation, near-term goals and dreams. Also, the teachers and principal expressed how valuable and effective your Rising Stars Youth Leadership Program was. Your Rising Stars Program truly enhances Project Rebuild’s GED and daily life skills training with life-time personal leadership development.

Also, your Graduation Ceremony speech was uplifting and inspiring not only to the graduating students but for their parents and other adults involved.

Hortense Bobbitt
Project Rebuild Advisory Board 

Your cross-functional results-oriented leadership development process got all six of us, including the owner, on track working together as a team and pulling in the same direction. Each of us made positive behavior changes personally and organizationally that made our next year’s business performance the best ever.

Thank you!
Laura Martin, Sales & Marketing Executive

E. Perrin Scott. C.L.U.
The Equitable Assurance Institute Of The United States
Madison, Indiana

Dear Larry,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I have never seen a more complete analysis of a District operation than the one you provided. What a tremendous foundation you have set up for your District. The time you that you have spent and the already noticed success that your district is showing, indicates that you are doing a terrific job. The only reason for this note is to say “thank you!”

E. Ferin Scott

To: Jim Henderson, President
Cummins Engine Company President

You will be interested in the attached by our Larry Allen.
It’s not only helpful to the operators, but sure gives us good publicity.
Would appreciate your returning the magazine.

M.C. Dietrich, Executive Vice President

Your ‘enterprise-power’Organizational Leadership Workshop”.
It seems as though you are one of us. Your ability to zero in and facilitate us through ways to deal with our most pressing issues in a practical way was most valuable.

Leadership Executives’ Group Response
ISA [Instrumentation, Systems and Automation}

Maximizing Power Productivity and Fuel Savings Guide
Guidelines for Fuel Consumption Article Published in EM Magazine

Many thanks for your invaluable contribution to our readers. We are certain that the insight into fuel economy will, at the very least, stimulate their interest.

Greg Sitek
EM [Heavy Duty Equipment Management and Maintenance]

Inquiry about Fuel Savings Guide Article in EM Magazine

We are currently developing micro processor based control for excavators aimed at improving performance and fuel consumption.

We would be most interested in meeting with you to learn more about the most efficient fuel operating range of diesel engines as applied to excavators. Would it be possible to for a meeting to take place at our Pegasus Division in the near future to explore the subject?

W. G. Gerow, Group Vice President - Hydraulics

It seems only proper that I write this short note, as it is probably a matter on which you have given some concerned thought.

In the past there was a great amount of animosity built up between Brussels and Columbus personnel. Mainly over harsh demands, unapproved commitments, one-way street attitudes, etc.

I am very pleased to say an almost unbelievable sense of cooperation has been noted in recent weeks. It’s a pleasure to be able to work with your men for a change, and not have to be on the defense all the time. It can naught but lead to better flexibility and a wholesome cooperative spirit.

Message to J. I. Miller, Chairman of the Board, Cummins Engine Company
Larry has been the spark and catalyst that changed and sped our way of bringing new products from concept through marketplace maturity. His leadership showed us how to reduce cycle time by two and one-half years for a 50% reduction while improving quality 80% and achieving breakeven sooner than imagined.

Bill Schwab, Chief Technical Officer
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