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Our Approach

‘Enterprise-power’ is ability or capacity to produce desired results doing valuable work in least amount of necessary time and with as little energy as possible.

We provide structure and processes to support organizational change and growth.

Our approach is to help clients identify and address those sources of conflict and disconnects between enterprise elements that are working at odds with their strategic intent. The powerfulness of any enterprise depends on the ability of your people to achieve and sustain peak performance in a given period of time. We call this ‘enterprise-power’.

This organizational alignment model illustrates the interrelationship of the key elements of an organization that must be aligned and integrated to be most powerful. Alignment occurs when interdependent systems support one another for the purpose of satisfying customer value and achieving business results.

Changing elements without developing the people can have a temporary positive effect on performance and behavior, but if you identify and address sources of conflict that affect human performance, extraordinary gains can be achieved and sustained, instead of being limited if not set back.

Leadership Diagram

Illustrated below is the relationship between Personal & Organizational Behavior and Work done and energy consumed in an amount of time to produce profitable results and — time rate of profitable output [ your ‘enterprise-power’]

Personal & Organizational Behavior Illustration

Improve your ‘enterprise-power by changing behaviors and enterprise systems to shift more valuable work away from doing work that is not valuable. Improve your ‘enterprise-power by getting more valuable work done in least necessary time and with as little human and physical system energy as possible.

Freeing unnecessary time and conserving human energy — two important factors for creating and sustaining loyal employees — a vital quality for creating and sustaining customer loyalty — critical factors for continuous growth and greater profitability.

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